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Connie Jones


Welcome to my $5 habit! The most beautiful jewelry and it's only 5 BUCKS!!

Thank you for stopping by! I started this business because I became obsessed with the jewelry. I had to have every dang piece. I am continually blown away by the quality and detail Paparazzi puts into each and every piece. They truly care about the product they are putting out there and stand behind their jewelry.

My real why is to use this business as my vacation fund and hopefully one day sooner than later to buy a vacation home in Florida. I love the beach, the sun and the sand!!

Paparazzi is a company that started in 2011 and the business model is like no other. The culture is rare and so unique. It's about building women up and being successful. The company actually wants their consultants to succeed and have a better life, whatever that means for each Person.

I hope you enjoy browsing, take your time and stay awhile! I post daily new releases, by 1:30pm MST m-f, to be pre-claimed on Facebook @blessedwithbling-ConnieJones. Please check them out, they go fast! I will also be incorporating speed shows and lives on Facebook and instagram in the next month so stay tuned!

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